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In Memory of Abie Abraham

July 31, 1913 -  March 22, 2012

Abie Abraham


April 9, 1942

Map of the Death March.
bataan death march map
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April 9, 1942, the infamous "Death March" 6 days, 90 miles, began at the Mbataan death marchariveles terminating at Camp O'Donnell and later moved to Camp Cabanatuan.  

According to Japanese Plans these P.O.W's were to be moved by foot, carrying their own rations to the border of Bataan and Pampango.

The main stage of the Death March was set at Mariveles, at the southern tip of Bataan Peninsula.

Troops started to march in a long column on a dusty road without food and water.
For many of the Bloody, frail men, this was the last march.

One man fell from exhaustion and was then flatten by a tank, as all the other troops witnessed this horrible action, other soldiers were hit by Japanese trucks passing by.

The P.O.W's  were forced to stand next to a fresh stream but weren't allowed to drink from it, even though they were exhausted and dehydrated , after a while one soldier could not take it any more, he ran to the stream and fell  in, face first,  to drink. Immediately one of the Japanese guards ran over, pulled his sword out and cut his head off.. 

A great many men reached the end of their endurance. The dropouts became numerous. They fell on the roadside, some making no effort to rise. Groaning and weeping, some succeeded while others fell back helplessly. 

As the march continued, the diseased, starving men staggered up the dusty road, prodded by the Japanese guards to keep moving. As one soldier was dying, he cried for water. He died on the dusty road. The heat of the day was so intense that they were half crazy from thirst. They arrived at a small stream  that was contaminated with filthy water, a bloated corpse filled with maggots,  this filthy stream the P.O.W's were allowed to drink from , as the Japanese guards laughed at them. 

Death March ended after 6 days, where the P.O.W's boarded a train to the Death Camp.




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