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In Memory of Abie Abraham

July 31, 1913 -  March 22, 2012


Abie Abraham was born in Lyndora, Pa July 31, 1913. He enlisted in the army in 1932.

S/Sgt. Abie Abraham was stationed during WWII with the 18th infantry in New York; 3 years with the 14th infantry in Panama, there he was a light-weight boxing champ and trainer; 15th Infantry, unassigned in China, while the Paney was sunk; 30th Infantry, Presidio, San Francisco; 31st Infantry, Manila, Philippines, there for nine years. He fought , was captured, endured the Bataan Death March, as a POW for three and a half years, was beaten, stabbed, shot, survived malaria and starvation to be rescued by the 6th Rangers.  He stayed behind at the request of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, two and a half more years disinterring the bodies of his fallen comrades, from the Death March and the prison camps.  He helped to identify their bodies and see that they were properly laid to res.. M/Sgt Abraham was promoted in 1945.  He came back to the U.S, where he served as a recruiter.  He also served a few more years in Germany until his retirement, with 30 years of service.

After the Army, he worked in Lyndora, Pa and for the Pa Dept. of Highways as a foremen.  He started working as a volunteer at the Butler VA Medical Center in 1988.  He has over 18 years of 32,000 hours of volunteer service there, and can still be found talking to and comforting the patients.  One of his favorite past times is helping other veterans.

As an author, he wrote his first book "Ghost of Bataan Speaks" in 1971.
He wrote his second book "Oh God Where Are You?" His intent with both books as to give the reader and the public a better understanding of what happened to our brave men at the hands of the Japanese as POW's.

The following is just a small part of Sgt Major Abraham's Accomplishments:

Abie was named the Butler County Veteran of the year.

Abie was awarded for his High service at the Butler VA Medical center by the DAV and the Dept of Veterans Affairs, Recognition and Merit awards;  also the Gen. Butler Vagabonds - Outstanding county and community; Pennsylvania Senate,  Veteran of the year 1995;  The Pa Rep. Full House Congressional Award, outstanding veteran of the year 1995; by Seneca Valley High school, outstanding citizenship award; by Union High school, outstanding achievement award; Abie was also a member of the FOP;POW/MIA Association; safety council of Butler County; butler county Humane society and past president of St. Anthony Orthodox Church in Lyndora, Pa.  He has been the Grand Marshall in the many parades, spoke at many colleges and universities, as well as schools, clubs, organizations, and dedications, aside from volunteering.  He was also an Honorary Member of an Indian Tribe in Florida.


M/Sgt. Abie Abraham was recognized for his Government/Military service as one of five individuals out of millions, who traced their roots through the Golden Door of Ellis Island.  Abie was on TV as a recipient of the Ellis Island Family Heritage Awards 2003, along with Yogi Berra, Cicily Tyson, Bob Hope and Dr. Anthony Faucci. His name is carved in stone at Ellis Island.

In May 2005 Abie was awarded the Sen. John H. Heinz Community Advocate award for this record and outstanding volunteer service at the Butler VA Medical Center.  He is on documentaries on TV, the Discovery Wings Channel, Battlefield Diaries, "Raid on Cabanatuan" and the History Channel, True heroes, "Great Raid" since 2005. 

May of 2006, Abie attended the 61th anniversary of the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor convention of which he is a life member.  He spoke with Japanese ambassadors and Japanese journalists on the Bataan Death March and better relations toward our veterans.

He recounted many of the experiences and atrocities that were committed by the Japanese soldiers in WWII to our POW's in prison camps and the Bataan Death March.

July 2006, All-Star Baseball, pre-game activities show, Abie was chosen as the WWII honoree outstanding veteran and was shown nationally o TV and the big screen, saluting the US Flag during the singing of our National Anthem. 

October 9, 2006, Abie was selected to receive the distinguished Chapel of the Four Chaplains of the Legion of Honor Award of Johnstown Pa.

Abie was honored by Butler Township by naming a road "Abie Abraham Lane"

October 20, 2011
Abie received   Chairman's Award at the 22nd annual partners in Leadership Awards celebration hosted by the Veterans Leadership program of Western PA.

October 27, 2011, Abie received a recognition award from Butler Township Pa.

Abie volunteered for 22 years at the veterans Hospital in Butler Pa.
He volunteered 38,000 hours at the veterans Hospital with the highest work hours at the VA.

M/SGT. Abie Abraham was a life member of the VFW,  American Legion,  Purple Heart,   Combat Infantry Organization,   31st  Infantry Regiment,  Ex-POW Organization,  Disabled American Veterans,  American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor,  Hon. Col of the Philippines Army,  Hon. Member of the U.S. Marine Corp. Achievement and life membership,  Lyndora Fire Dept., and Pa Forest Warden.. He was awarded by the Mon Valley Marines for Exemplary Service, also by the Butler Marine Corp League, Hon. member and service award.


Abie Abraham  awards and medals include:
The Silver Star Bronze Star Purple Heart in cluster
Abie received a total of 24 ribbons and medals.
Abie is featured in many books and magazines such as
Jet We remembered Bataan & Corregidor Brother from Bataan
Barbed wire surgeon Cabanatuan Japanese Death Camp Readers Digest
Journal Bataan Our Last Ditch-Esquire Conduct Under Fire
USAFFE Raid on Cabanatuan Corregidor
Hour of Redemption O'Donnell, Anderson of the Pacific In Harms Way
Corregidor the Last Stand Guest of Emperor Brothers from Bataan & Others

Abies books are still available and his story is now in Japan. Hampton Sides Book, Ghost Soldier, which features SGT Abraham many times has gone into 16 million copies and is in revised copy in Russia, China, Korea and Japan. 

Abie passed away March 22, 2012 at the age of 98. Abie is buried at the Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC as per his request.

Abie will never be forgotten for all his accomplishments.  Abie will be missed by all.


Always Thank a Vet for Serving our Country



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